About Kristina

My name is Kristina, I am a mummy of two beautiful children and have supported new mothers as a postnatal doula since 2016. Through my own experiences (one low-risk pregnancy that ended in a somewhat disappointing birth, and one high-risk pregnancy that resulted in a wonderful birth) and the work as a postnatal doula, I quickly realised that mothers also need more support throughout pregnancy and birth, so I decided to become a trained birth doula as well.

To minimise the challenges after birth, I want to be the person that you and your family can trust throughout the pregnancy, birth and after the birth of your baby. I can help you to create a safe and loving atmosphere to welcome your baby by providing you with the right mindset, tools and information during your pregnancy. This will enable you to believe in your body’s ability and power to birth your baby without fear – no matter the circumstances. To me birth is a rite of passage in a woman’s life, and should be a joyful event that leaves families feeling empowered and full of love. As a doula, it is my job and pleasure to help you to create such memories. To make your journey into parenthood as smoothly as possible, I will also be there to help you and your family after your baby is born. I am your personal support and do not replace medical professionals such as midwives or doctors.

I make sure I keep up to date and regularly attend trainings and workshops.

Here’s a list of my qualifications:

  • Postnatal Doula – Australian Doulas (2016)
  • Newborn Mothers Postpartum Professional- Julia Jones – Newborn Mothers (2017)
  • Traditional Malay Postnatal Care – Iryuni Nordin (2017)
  • Birth Doula – Doula Training Academy (2018)
  • Supportive Caregiver – Hypnobirthing Australia (2018)
  • Spinning Babies Workshop – Approved Trainer Ginny Phang-Davey (2018)
  • Physiological Birth & Inductions in-person training – Rachel Reed – Midwife Thinking (2018)
  • Effective Doula Support – Physiological Birth & Variations in-person training – Rachel Reed -Midwife Thinking (2018)
  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss – Amy Wright Glenn – The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death (July 2018)